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Q: What is the significance of the name "Hypetape"?

A: The name of our service is a kind of hat tip to the websites that helped inspire us. The Hype Machine was the first.mp3 blog aggregator of its kind and Muxtape was perhaps the first playlist streaming site that utilized a clean, basic & elegant site layout.

Q: Are Hypetape's tracks sourced from The Hype Machine?

A: No. Despite the similarity of the two names, Hypetape sources its music tracks directly from the .mp3 blogs that they are found on. However, Hypetape and The Hype Machine perform searches on several of the same .mp3 blogs.

Q: Why can't I create a User Name on your Sign Up page?

A: Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new users at this time. Our site is currently undergoing some changes but please check back later.

Q: How do I search for a track by song title or album?

A: In its current form Hypetape only allows users to search by artist name. In most cases, this method will retrieve the track the user is searching for. Come back to check our Recent News & Updates, though, because our developers have a "song title" search function in the works.

Recent News & Updates

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1 / 2011

Users may now change the order of songs in their playlists. Also, fans of playlists are displayed at the bottom of each page.

12 / 2010

Some users have had problems renaming playlists and the tracks within. I have changed the way this works so hopefully this will solve those issues. Remember to clear your caches.

12 / 2010

Hypetape has recently received positive reviews from lifehacker & beatcrave. Thanks for your kind words!

11 / 2010

A new "Friends' Playlists" section has been added to the default user page. Users now have the ability to favorite other users' playlists that you like.