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Hypetape is a free, new music site that simplifies how playlists are created and shared. Our service integrates .mp3 search and indexing functions with a clean, intuitive playlist builder.

How It Works

Hypetape is inspired by Hype Machine's music search and discovery engine along with Muxtape's simple playlist-streaming abilities; one could say that Hypetape is a natural union of the two. Our artist search function does an up-to-the-second scan of songs uploaded by trusted .mp3 bloggers across the internet. Just click a song to stream it or add it to one of your playlists.

Easy To Share

Hypetape users can listen to their friends' playlists in addition to their own. Every time a user creates a new playlist, it comes with its own easy-to-share URL. If you find a track that you enjoy on another user's playlist you may add it to your own by clicking the song and selecting the playlist you would like to add it to.

Smart Search Engine

Type in the artist of the song you are searching for and stream the most recent .mp3s uploaded by music bloggers around the world. If users attempt to play a track with a broken link, our service will automatically remove it from future searches to save time. Not every song will work but Hypetape always has new music available.

Recent News & Updates

We at Hypetape feel it is our responsibility to keep our user base updated with the latest computer technologies that make our service as seamless as possible. In today's world of wireless laptops, 3G laptop devices are highly sought after because of the convenience that comes with built-in mobile broadband connectivity. Whether you are looking for wireless laptops for business or personal use, we recommend one equipped with Gobi by Qualcomm. Their new line of wireless laptop products give users the complete internet experience wherever and whenever they want. That means no hassle finding wireless laptop hotspots and worrying about charges when using Hypetape's playlist builder on the go.

1 / 2011

Users may now change the order of songs in their playlists. Also, fans of playlists are displayed at the bottom of each page.

12 / 2010

Some users have had problems renaming playlists and the tracks within. I have changed the way this works so hopefully this will solve those issues. Remember to clear your caches.

12 / 2010

Hypetape has recently received positive reviews from lifehacker & beatcrave. Thanks for your kind words!

11 / 2010

A new "Friends' Playlists" section has been added to the default user page. Users now have the ability to favorite other users' playlists that you like.

Stream your Favorite Music with Whole House Audio

In the digital age, listening to your favorite songs means music you can access with a few taps on a touch screen anytime, anywhere. Homeowners want that same concept: the flexibility of listening to music throughout their house – classical music while relaxing in the tub, jazz music while cooking in the kitchen. Home theater systems offer that kind of feature. “Whole House Audio” can be achieved in two ways: wired and wireless.

Most homes come pre-wired for audio – that means adding sound to more rooms is as simple as hooking up additional speakers to your receiver. The latest AV receivers come with a second built-in amplifier. The amplifier gives two zones of audio which you can control separately. Six zones of audio will cover most homes’ sound needs. To add sound in more than six zones, you will need several amplifiers and receivers – stored in a central location and connected through wiring. With a wired house audio system, you still have to modify the settings where your main home theater system is located.

On the other hand, wireless whole house audio means hi-fi sound on a wi-fi system. Wireless home theater systems connect to your internet router and offer expandable sound to your whole house. It works by placing a music player to each room where you want music to be played. Wireless audio systems will allow you to access online radio and music streaming services that you can control from your mobile device with apps.

Patterns of the Past Repeat

Previous generations did many things for themselves that today we today hire professionals to do, but that is quickly changing. Before, individuals built their own barns and garages out of wood and today we are more likely to order a kit and build our own Whirlwind metal buildings. Our grandparents collected eight-tracks, cassettes, and their parents before them records; our parents thought of CDs as cutting edge while today we rely on providing ourselves with music by building playlists with our .mp3 players.

The technology changes more quickly than ever but the basic trends recycle repeatedly. Building our own buildings, living several generations to a house, and building a music collection are all trends that wax and wane. It is only the how that changes.

People are the same as they ever were; they want and need the same things but find different ways of fulfilling their desires. Metal buildings for instance were once ugly additions to farms but have now expanded into many shapes, sizes and uses. They can be attractive enough for a side yard, big enough to house a plane and small enough to use for storage. Band music originally could only be enjoyed if one went to where a band was playing, later we could have it anytime at home and now, thanks to Hypetape, we can share and choose what we listen to wherever we are.